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Executive Summary

The project Building Construction Project of Maulana Azad Boys Hostel Raipur, Chattisgarh, has been conceived to provide better opportunities to the youths of the local population of minority communities which comprise around 2.6% of the total population in the district in particular and also to the targeted youths of Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh states where minorities comprise respectively 3.95% and 6.36% of the overall population. Obviously, the city Raipur has more of the minority population than in the district due to tendency of added urbanization of such sections. It has been discussed here that on all educational parameters the majority of the minority population, that is Muslims, is lagging behind and requires affirmatiN:te action for progress and development. In a world of professional roles and value of skill development, enabling future generation to cope with the situation in a better way, what else could have been more appropriate than establishing a hostel of a professional college where younger people of minorities could be groomed to lead a better life.
The executing Society has acquired sufficient land for its future projects in the suburb and has allocated a land measuring 390 sq meters for the construction of proper building of the Hostel. The students are presently living in rented rooms in the city at their own and badly needs the facility for their proper development. An amount of Rs 62,66,000 has been considered here as a projected expenditure of the project including cost of construction and non-recurring and recurring expenses for six months. It is expected that the Hostel will become self-sustainable thereafter. The projected annual recurring expenditure of Rs 4,50,000 will be adjusted by an annualfgross income of the Hostel in the order of Rs 11,00,000.
Details of each item head has been given here along with the background discussion and structure of the Project Committee. Any positive consideration to support the project in its initial take off will lescel-Ao a long lasting benefit to the underdeveloped people of the area.