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India comprises a democratic and plural society. People of the country belong to several denominations. Apart from the majority of Hindus, there are five religious communities declared as Minorities. They all jointly comprise around 17% of the national population. The Ministry of Minority Affairs was created by the Government of India on 29th January 2006 to ensure a focused approach to the issues relating to the minorities and to play a pivotal role in the over all policy, planning, coordination, evaluation and review of the regulatory and development programme for the benefit of the minority communities. The Ministry is making concerted efforts to stream line ongoing programmes/schemes and to launch innovative and effective schemes/ programmes for the welfare of the minority communities. The ministry is running various schemes for the development of minorities, particularly for those that. have been' found lagging behind others in the field of education and economic advancement.
Some of the schemes of the ministry and other ministries include multi level scholarship schemes, financial support for institution building, promotion of minority languages, women leadership development and grants to coaching for civil services and entrance examinations and for imparting professional and technical skills to members of minorities. The central government has established Maulana Azad Education Foundation in 1989 especially to provide financial assistance for infrastructural development of minority educational institutions such as for construction for school building, hostel building, vocational training centers, etc.
The present project has beffi conceived by the Mohsin-e-Millat Tibbee Educational Society, Raipur (Chattisgarh) while having the envisaged grant of the Foundation in view. The Society will apply to the Foundation for the construction of the hostel building, since it is pressing need of local minority students. A part of the project expenses will also be borne by the Society. The name of the hostel has been finalized as 'Maulana Azad Boys Hostel'. The Society hopes that one the proposed Hostel is established, it will have a self-sustaining system of its maintenance and upkeep, as has been elucidated here in